When it comes to babies, osteopathy is a gentle and suitable treatment for their soft skeletons. There can be a variety of reasons a parent brings their child or baby in for treatment. Read more
Rebecca at Emsworth Osteopaths has undertaken several post graduate training courses in Cranial osteopathy, a very gentle way of treating. Read more
Up-to-date guidance on how to manage pelvic health including back pain, bladder issues, diastasis recti, pelvic floor health during any phase of life whether post-natal, pregnant or not. Read more
Emsworth Osteopaths treat lots of backs, it's a very common trouble area. In your first appointment we will:- Pin point the cause of your back pain Give hands on treatment to get you up and running Su Read more
Headaches are very common and there are several different types so at Emsworth Osteopaths we will ask questions to distinguish whether it is a headache appropriate for us to treat or whether we need t Read more
Treat it within 6 weeks! Tendon problems are reversible if you deal with them early. If your muscles and tendons start being used in a way they weren't designed to be used then at some point you might Read more

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