Back pain

Emsworth Osteopaths treat lots of backs, it's a very common trouble area.  In your first appointment we will:-

Pin point the cause of your back pain

Give hands on treatment to get you up and running

Suggest how to get better quickly

Suggestions are usually simple changes to make at work, in sport or at home and they will be specific to your situation.  The idea being to take pressure off the problem area to give it the chance to recover.  The aim of treatment is not for you to rely on us, Emsworth Osteopaths goal is to 'help you, help yourself'. 

What causes back pain?

Generally speaking pain can arise from a strained joint, ligament, disc, muscle or tendon and sometimes this causes a nerve to become painful.  Disc pain and joint pain have different characteristics so advice on how to manage it will vary.  Treatment will be targeted so although the techniques used are usually the same, they will be specific and focussed on the structures involved.  Treatment includes massage, joint articulation, myofascial release techniques, cranial osteopathy and acupuncture.