Appointments and Fees


£75  Osteopathy First Appointment 45 mins
£65  Osteopathy Follow Up Appointment 35 mins

£95 Mummy MOT Assessment 60 mins
£65 Mummy MOT Follow up Appointment 35 mins

£75 Baby and Child Osteopathy First Appointment 45 mins
£65 Baby and Child Follow up Appointment 35 mins

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Cancellation policy - please give 1 working days notice of cancellation to avoid full appointment fee

Registered with Pru Health, Aviva, WPA, Cigna, Allianz

What to expect

A consultation will involve:-

  • questions about your medical history
  • observation of your posture
  • appropriate clinical tests e.g blood pressure, muscle strength, reflexes
  • examination of joint movement, muscle tension, nerve health
  • orthopaedic tests
  • diagnosis and explanation
  • discussion of an individual treatment and management plan for you

It would be really helpful if you could bring a list of medications and have a think in advance of any previous investigations, illnesses and accidents.

What to wear

It is your choice what you wear during examination and treatment, we want you to feel comfortable.  Acupuncture requires exposed skin whilst massage can be done through clothing or direct onto skin, the type of treatment we use is your choice.  Some people wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, others wear shorts and vest.  As a rule, please wear loose, soft clothing rather than heavier materials like jeans.

Rebecca Butterfield (BOst)
Registered Osteopath

Rebecca Butterfield has been an osteopath for 14 years.  Initially she worked in several clinics alongside very knowledgeable osteopaths in order to gain from their experience and learn beyond the text book.  Rebecca continually develops her skills and over the last 3 years has focused on Women's Health, expanding her clinical skills to pelvic health, including current best practice for pelvic floor rehab and abdominal muscle rehab.  She is a licensed Mummy MOT practitioner.  

She holds a Bachelor of Osteopathy (Hons) degree (4 years training) and has done further post-graduate training to gain skills in acupuncture, cranial osteopathy, treating babies and expectant mothers.  Rebecca is also interested in the effect of stress on the body, the treatment of neck pain and headaches.

Rebecca chose osteopathy because of its variety, her aim is to adapt to each persons needs by remaining versatile and through on-going training. 

Rebecca Butterfield

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