Osteopathy for Babies

When it comes to babies, osteopathy is a gentle and suitable treatment for their soft skeletons.  There can be a variety of reasons a parent brings their child or baby in for treatment. Emsworth Osteopaths can provide gentle manipulation to help sooth and relax your baby.   Osteopaths are trained to assess the body to see if there is a physical reason causing discomfort or perhaps slowing a child's development in some way.  We will assess to see how we can help and usually find cranial osteopathy the best way to treat.

Emsworth Osteopaths will give advice and help in the management of some conditions e.g plagiocephaly where one side of the head is flattened - babies tend to favour lying on the flattened side so encourage them to turn the other way by switching their play mat so they turn their head look at you.