Cranial Osteopathy

Rebecca at Emsworth Osteopaths has undertaken several post graduate training courses in Cranial osteopathy, a very gentle way of treating. Most people know of it as a way of treating babies, however it can be used on adults and on any part of the body.  It is effective for a number of complaints and is especially good for relaxation, so if you have trouble winding down why not skip the usual massage and give cranial osteopathy a go instead?

We can all identify the different feel of bone, muscle and fatty tissue in the body.  Osteopaths do this so frequently they learn to palpate body tissues in great detail and can therefore treat in this very subtle manner.  An example for those of you who have the habit of making your fingers / knuckle joints click!  When pulling your finger you will feel a stretching tension building in the joint before it clicks, yet there is no visible change to the eye.  Cranial osteopaths work to detect these tensions and encourage them back to their normal state.